Mr. Shivakumar A., is a honest, prompt and trust worthy LIC Agent. He follows up the installments on time and is a very helpful person. He is a good advisor in updating the new policies as well. I would recommend him to all my friends and family members without second thought. I wish him success in all his endeavours.


Shiva is a very good LIC Advisor. I found him very friendly and always gives beneficial advice related with LIC Policies. I strongly recommend Shiva for seeking LIC policy.


I have found Mr Shivakumar every professional. I strongly recommend his services to anyone interested in taking up an insurance policy or any other financial advice.


Shiva Kunmar is my Ex colleague. He is very honest and trustworthy.He is my financial adviser as far as LIC is concerned.I suggest any one can bet on his advise and services.




Absolutely loved Shiv's service. He has been a trusted financial adviser for me for the past 4 years, thoroughly helping me with my investments.I strongly recommend Shiv, because he is always a phone call away and truly understands customer service.


It has been 6 years since I took LIC policies through ShivaKumar and it really has been a very nice experience. A very honest,professional and helpful person. He is more like a friend than an agent. He follows up so promptly that I did not miss single installment so far. I recommend Shivkumar strongly through this forum and wish him all the very best.


Bengaluru AreaIndia

Shiv ,I consider him as a friend ,who advises me on my financial decisions and very prompt & very knowledgeable insurance adviser .I like his honesty & punctuality.I recommend him strongly for your financial needs.I guarantee he will give you the best solution.Best wishes Shiv for your all endeavors...


Shivkumar is a very Good LIC Agent and his service has been excellent and i would recommend any body willing to do any LIC Policy to go with shivkumar.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Excellent andTransparent in handling with customer


Bengaluru Area, Karnataka, India

Shivakumar is the best LIC representative we have come across. He explains to us details in a patient manner. He is always available when we need him to discuss insurance and policy related questions. He is well organized, sends us reminder on-time every year, knows many languages well. thanks Shivakumar for taking care of our needs.