Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Dr Trivikram Rao is a genius, before visiting him I did rounds of other dentists but wasn't confident about the treatment offered. One day I was surfing the internet and came across this fancy website of All Smiles Bangalore.The website was very impressive but again i was worried about the cost of the treatment as the clinic seemed to be expensive as shown on the website. I thought lets give it a shot and visited the place. The Clinic is very lively and clean, After the checkup Doc was very clear on what has to done and how long it would take for the procedure to happen and pricing was surprisingly less than that I thought. Its been more than two years now and I have had no complaints or problem. He is not only a Doctor but an Engineer and an artist too. In simple words he is a MAGICIAN.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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I have been consulting Dr. Trivikram at All Smiles for more than 5 years now and have had a series of treatments with great results. It is an extremely tedious job to find the right dental surgeon who provides the right advise, right treatment and makes you feel comfortable. I am glad I went to Dr. Trivikram more than 5 years back and I knew I had made the right choice on the first day itself. The ambience and the way I was treated by the entire staff made me feel extremely comfortable and put me at ease. Dr. Trivikram is very knowledgeable, uses the best and latest technology, does great diagnosis and explains with high confidence and patience all the details of the problem and most importantly describes all possible options and the cost estimate. I have always found his advice on the treatment extremely beneficial and completely effective.

The most recent treatment I had was the most complex one and involved cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Trivikram did a great job, explaining the entire process involved, pros and cons of each option and helped me select the right option. His expertise in cosmetic dentistry is phenomenal and he has transformed my problem teeth to great looking ones. It is amazing how he performed the complex treatment, fixing the problem areas one by one and then giving the finishing touch, and while doing all this, making me feel at complete ease and very comfortable. Thanks a lot Dr. Trivikram and your staff for always handling my problems with care and great professionalism & expertise and for the great results. Regards
Abhay Kulkarni
Vice President, Infosys, Bangalore


Baden, Aargau, Switzerland


The first thing that impressed me about ALL SMILES DENTAL BANGALORE is their clinic and the serene ambiance I experienced. Thereafter, the easy going professional approach by the staff members are very appreciable. When I met Dr. Trivikram, his confidence and knowledge about cosmetic dentistry appealed much to me to go ahead with a pending decision since 3 years. Since 3 years I met few veteran doctors and none of them could convince me to take a decision about going ahead with a cosmetic dental treatment. But to my sheer surprise I met Dr Trivikram and took the decision immediately. Rest that followed after was utmost professionalism with a thorough and neat job done. Immense knowledge about cosmetic dentistry along with a well equipped modern lab at the tip of his hands, the doctor's artistry is something to swear about! He is very compassionate and totally focused on what he does. I am more than impressed with ALL SMILES and wish more success to Dr.Trivikram in days to come.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Anjan lahiri

I researched and found All Smiles dental clinic over the internet. I was impressed with the focus of the dental clinic. My consultation with Dr Trivikram(Dr Vikram) only reinforced my initial positive impressions. I have had a lot of things done over the last year. A sinus lift, tissue graft, bone graft ,three implants, one root canal treatment and 3 crowns. The tremendous partnership Dr Trivkram has with the extremely competent team give a huge comfort to a patient like me.
I wish Dr Trivikram all the very best and thank them for giving me a full set of healthy teeth for the first time in my life since I was 12 years old.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Sushma korlepara

I am writing this to tell how thankful I am to the cosmetic dentist Dr.Trivikram for bringing a great smile on my face and also for my teeth in a healthy state.
I had a tooth which needed an immediate RCT where I was suffering like hell ( I delayed and had an aversion for dental procedures) and came to know about All Smiles dental clinic . I booked an appointment and rushed to the clinic along with my husband. We finally met Dr.Trivikram and he examined my teeth very thoroughly and explained its condition. My worries started dropping. Finally, I was in good hands. With-in three sittings my RCT was done and can’t tell how happy I was as I didn’t experience any pain during RCT. For a patient like me, it was a huge comfort. We were extremely happy that finally we could meet someone who is highly skilled and efficient. Few of my other teeth also needed attention and were taken care by Dr.Trivikram and by Dr.Keerthi.
Dr.Trivikram examined my front filled tooth, which was broken when I was 14 and later got filled. He explained me that it was internally decaying and needs to be attended. Where can you get a skillful doctor like him? Just by looking at teeth, he tells the condition. Treatment was done and also brought a great smile make over. It was so natural that my parents weren't able to recognize. His skills were highly impressive.

Dr.Trivikram is always in command; he knows exactly what he is doing. He always has a pleasant smile and his friendly nature makes you comfortable. What more can I say!
I would highly recommend All Smiles. It has serene and beautiful ambiance and service is remarkable. The team is courteous, efficient, professional and organised with their follow-ups.
My heart full thanks to Dr.Trivikram and his team. I wish them continue success.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Dear Dr. Vikram,

I would like to take this opportunity thank you for the excellent pain-free dental care you and your staff have given. your staff is pleasant and helpful and your decorated office is beautiful. Most of all, I am grateful for your friendliness and also u r friendly staff.


Brigadeport , Ct, U.S.A

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Excellent and professional service. Felt very secured and comfortable since day 1
. Definitely will recommend this dental clinic to others back home.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Lassaad essafi

I have had a series of treatments in All Smiles dental clinic in Bangalore while I was living there and also for 2 years after I relocated out of India. It has been an outstanding experience. Dr. Trivikram and his team are consummate professionals: very knowledgeable, precise with their advise, meticulous in the treatments, punctual, and highly reliable. The facility is very well managed and I enjoyed always great Indian hospitality.I take the opportunity to thank Dr. Trivikram and his team sincerely for the great results they have achieved and I wish them continued success ahead.


Bengaluru AreaIndia

Manisha singh

Dr Vikram is one of the best doctors I have ever met. Like many others, I was scared of dental procedures but in my case the fear was excessive. After a not-so-good experience long long back, I had abandoned a dental procedure mid-way and therefore the condition of my teeth had worsened overtime. I tried and delayed treatment till I reached a stage where I could no longer avoid a visit to the dentist. At this point, my husband and I, after extensive research, decided to visit Allsmiles Dental Clinic. When I first met Dr Vikram, I had to get 3 dental implants and about 5-6 root canals. Meeting Dr Vikram for the first time alleviated my anxiety because he was extremely calm, patient and reassuring. There was no looking back after the first appointment - Dr Vikram is extremely skilful and with each visit my fear diminished. This time I did not abandon the treatment and completed all the procedures. The treatment had a very good effect on my overall health and wellbeing. Dr Vikram is not only an excellent doctor, he is a wonderful human being too.

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Newyork, U.S.A

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The end of the year is upon us, which means the predictable (and yet, very enjoyable) avalanche of "Best of the year or thankful" list. I met Dr. Vikram ages ago.
Once in a while, there comes along a person who is downright simple, genuine and brilliant at his skillset.

Dr. Trivikram’s All Smiles Clinic is one of those cutting-edge places, zen like atmosphere with an incredibly calm, composed motivating doctor Trivikram and courteous staff. It's just the kind of clinic that might prompt you to visit regularly for a pleasant experience to maintain good oral health.

Going back in time before I met Dr. Trivikram, visits to dentist was predominantly to fix a terrible tooth ache or so with no awareness of the procedures. I confess to having mixed feelings of the procedural recommendations coupled with unpleasant experiences. During my confused phase, heard of the clinic “All Smiles” due to its proximity to my residence but never explored. As the saying goes, Life has a way of coming full circle. Heard about Dr. Trivikram during a casual conversation from his academic professor while I was working in a medical research university, USA. I was intrigued and one of the agendas of my yearly visit to Bangalore was to get a consultation.

My first consultation was an epic on its own, he listened for hours / days smiling, explained treatment plan. The consultation started off on the right tone for me which only aided in building confidence and trust.
I had a long-standing issue with my front tooth that required his expertise, someone with an aesthetic sense and specialization in cosmetic dentistry. He put me at ease during each visit, addressed my anxiety by explaining the day’s procedure and post treatment expectations.
One of the many memorable conversations was during the final week of the treatment when he got to know my personality better, mentioned that he would give some dimension / character to cosmetically fixed tooth to better suit my personality. To me it is a rare characteristic of a dentist, one who is a keen observer, an artist and obvious that his motivation is to inform, guide and help.

The end result is so amazing that I have a dazzling smile. Best of all it is functional, looks so natural that unless you read this note and then meet me, highly impossible to detect any cosmetic intervention. The credit goes to Dr. Trivikram. Since then, I have only relied on his expertise for all dental needs.

It goes without saying that how one weighs cost, time, experience and hassle is very subjective. I psych myself up for such tasks and glad I found a doctor, a clinic to trust.
To anyone who's thinking of making dental cosmetic changes or plain maintenance or preventive measures, just start with Dr. Trivikram. Small changes can surprise you with good results!

Keep Smiling!!