Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England

My first meeting with Jonathan was very inspiring. He gave me a lot of his time,energy and understanding and made me feel like I have a bright investing future in front of me!


I was quite nervous at first attending as I was completely out of my comfort zone. Best decision ever! It was lovely meeting other like-minded people and everyone has so many ideas and so much information.

I will definitely be attending again.


Tonight I went for Taking Action Therapy event in Costa at Piccadilly, London (funny name :) ) by Jonathan Godney. It was truly inspirational and very creative event. It is something anyone may need to grow faster.
See you next month :)


Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom

Brilliant evening, quite informative and managed to network with like minded individuals.Thank you


Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Last Sunday I went along to an Amazing Event At Financial Freedom Mastermind. It was So Fantastic Experience A Room Full Of So Many Like Minded Progressive People. And Jonathan Godney! Such A Visionary! Thank You All!


Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Hey guys, thanks for having me at this meet up, it was good to meet new minds, thinking in different way, but with a common pourpose :) look forward in seeing you all again at the next meeting.


West End Of London, England, United Kingdom

Great group, good for networking, learning new skills and taking action towards financial independence


Shepherds Bush, England, United Kingdom

Another great evening with Jonathan Godney & Joanne... It really shows working closely and being held accountable by your business peers helps you achieve your goals efficiently and most of all working on our next calculated steps to financial freedom. Really great to speak more indepth aswel.

I have taken alot from this evening. The 6 month GOAL I'm coming for you ;) (Together We Achieve More)


King's Cross, England, United Kingdom

Great Evening at the Financial Freedom Mastermind meetup.

I look forward to the next one and more importantly,look forward to Financial Freedom.