Bangalore, Karnataka, India

We had an opportunity to take part in the Personality Analysis of our students at school created by Swayam. I had already considered Assessments which were developed by different organizations. When I came across this Swayam Assessments, which is based on Indian Vedic concepts, it was a great surprise for me that our ancient sages had already systems in place to analyse human traits which were far more exhaustive than any other Personality Assessment.

I commend Dr. Shilpa Datar for her research in bringing this science to the present times. She has put in a lot of thought and effort to develop this Assessment which is thorough, extensive and can accurately analyse the data.

After getting the report of the results of the assessments undergone by my students, I as the Principal, have a clear picture on what areas each student needs help. It has helped me to understand the student better and has cleared all the confusion in our way of approach to help the student. Our teachers have got a clear picture through the assessment, to choose the appropriate method for each student based on the personality traits, thereby relieving them of their frustrations. It has helped teachers to take the high performers notches above and given further impetus to help students reach their optimum capacity.

The assessments also helped the students consider the right career as they are normally take up careers based on peer pressure or parental influence and regret it when it is too late.

It is an indispensable tool for any organisation or individual who want to grow, to get an indication on aspects one must work on.

Ms. Vidya B.S.
My School
Bangalore 560027


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Dr. Shilpa Datar of Swayam Personality Assessment is specialist in Personality Development. I had referred Dr. Shilpa to Mr. Ramesh Jois for their school children career guidance. The recommendations that Dr. Shilpa had given to the children were spot on in terms of guidance and assistance. Mr. Ramesh Jois today is a very happy person and appreciates the efforts and hard work put in by Dr. Shilpa and he has promised to refer her to their friend and family circle. We undoubtedly would refer the services of Dr. Shilpa Datar for her outstanding work to our contact sphere.
Warm Regards,
Mr. Rudrappa Ganiger


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

I live and work in Bangalore. I had registered my son in a Youth Leadership Program run by Toastmasters International. As part of the registration, it was recommended to go for personality assessment that can help in tuning the program to the needs and expectations of an individual. And the suggested one was Personality Assessment from Swayam.

Logged in with the credentials and went through an elaborate test of multiple choice questions. My son did it very judiciously and that is what has been suggested in the welcome e-mail. I did explain him the importance of being truthful in these tests to have the right assessment. The test took almost an hour and half to complete.

Dr Shilpa, went through the assessment report with us, sliced and diced in details and had asked lot of questions to confirm the validity of the report against his nature and inclination. It turned out to be wonderful and authentic feedback and gave us insight on what he is good at and can do better if chosen as future profession/career.

Would recommend this Swayam assessment for any person whether adult or kid who are at the crossroads of deciding his choice of career or changing the career at any point of time.

I remember a quote If you choose a profession which are you passionate about, then you don't need to work even for a day".

Go through the assessment, know your passion and strength, and you would not be working for living, rather a hobby which earns your daily bread.

Hearty thanks to Swayam and Dr Shilpa.

Karthikeyan Muthusamy, Parent