Being a person from Coorg I was initially skeptical to order "Coorgi" food from a restaurant, but man was I surprised at the authenticity of the food. The Chicken Curry and Paputtu was too close to something I'd eat back home! This is a really great place to order from when you feel a touch of homesickness!

Definitely will be ordering very often!


Ordered an egg combo and wasnt disappointed with what i got.Wonderful taste and quantity and well priced.Surely a must try for all.


Amazing food with the aromatic tasty preparation and faster delivery
especially ppl from coorg you shouldn't be missing out on this yummy menu...


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Ordered pork chilly and pandi curry . liked the pork chilly, pandi curry was awesome .delivery took about 20 minutes so no hassle . will order again


Excellent Food quality and Customer service. Hope the delivery hiccups will be resolved in this 2nd birth :)

Will surely recommend to my friends.


My Mind

Excellent food and great service! Would love to order again!



Excellent food, It was very good and tasty. On time delivery. Everybody should try it. and mainly less price too.... thank you for the nice food Venegar. keep it up.


Heard a lot about this place so decided to give it a try. As soon as I placed an order I received a call from a very well spoken gentlemen. He said the delivery will be delayed and can be expected in 1 hour due to shortage of delivery boys. I was hungry but I decided to wait. Received the order exactly in 55 mins, the delivery boy refused to take the tip, instead requested me to leave a honest feedback behind. So here it is... Ordered Kadambuttu, Pork Curry and Chicken Curry. Kadambuttu was different as I never tasted this before and went well with both Chicken and Pork curries. Chicken curry was the same as Mangalore style but pork curry was heavenly. Never tasted such a tasty pork recipe.

Food Quality: 5 out of 5
Food Quantity: 5 out of 5
Delivery Timelines: 4 out of 5
Customer Service and Friendliness: 5 out of 5
Packing and Hygiene: 5 out of 5
Taste: 5 out of 5


It was very tasty and Spicy... Strongly recommend and you should try once.

On time delivery... good service... affordable price..!!