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London, United Kingdom


Review for Financial Freedom One-to-one Consultancy -

Brilliant. I have talked with Jonathan Godney twice now and both times he has offered relevant expert advice whilst being very receptive to my own ideas.

From each conversation I have come away with actionable steps I can take to move forward in my business. I have learnt much on evaluating potential ventures, things that would have taken trial and error to learn myself.

I thoroughly recommend.

Liam Harris

Date :   3 July 2015
Testimonial/Review given as: Customer
The Financial Freedom Mastermind


Peter Poobalasingam

R Eading

Received valuable advice from Jonathan and Gemma which helped me to clarify my financial motives and timeframes - thank you. Looking forward to the financial freedom mastermind!

The Financial Freedom Mastermind


Julian Emery

Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England

My first meeting with Jonathan was very inspiring. He gave me a lot of his time,energy and understanding and made me feel like I have a bright investing future in front of me!

The Financial Freedom Mastermind


Chuck Muffinn

Great mastermind with a mix of people at all stages in their progress to financial freedom. Excellent resource.

The Financial Freedom Mastermind


Tomasz Kraszewski

Tonight I went for Taking Action Therapy event in Costa at Piccadilly, London (funny name :) ) by Jonathan Godney. It was truly inspirational and very creative event. It is something anyone may need to grow faster. See you next month :)


London United Kingdom