Premium Subscription

Though the base version of Revbay is free, It offers very few features. However to take the best advantage of Revbay, you can upgrade to our Premium Paid version which gives you various additional features that could help you build a better online brand visibility and credibility.

The following are some of the additional features of Premium Subscription Package

Upgrades to the Free package

  • Create unlimited display widgets and microsites.
  • Configure your display widgets to either use your own styling or you configure the complete HTML/CSS display
  • Connect Multiple Facebook Page tabs and Multiple Social Networking websites.
  • Categorize Offerings and Create Albums/Portfolios to attach photos/videos
  • Unlimited Latest Updates.
  • Bulk Upload requests by use of CSV file and Schedule the sending date.
  • Add additional questions about the user other than company/designation & location.
  • Unlimited Enquiries delivered to your inbox and add enquiry message
  • Get 5 mobile downloads
  • Show all types of contact details to connect with the business (All Social Networks, website, email, phone, address, skype, etc.,)

Additional Features available only for Premium Customers

  • Get Video Reviews. Get the video recorded on the form while giving reviews or connect existing YouTube Video review (Coming Soon! Daily Motion and Vimeo)
  • Attach Images to your reviews
  • Add unlimited questions to the review/feedback form.
  • Convert a Text Review into Video when you upload Youtube URL
  • Add Comments to the Review so that they can be used for internal review or to show them on your landing page.
  • Collect Feedbacks, Reviews and Reviews on a hand written page and upload them. On Upload an email is sent to the customer and authenticated. You can send reminders to confirm reviews.
  • Configure your Negative Review Overall Rating Value
  • Configure Emails Templates for various emails being sent via Revbay and also configure the SMTP settings to send emails via your website.
  • Prioritize your Excellent reviews to be shown on the landing page
  • Display messages as part of Reviews Form as well as Share review form motivating your customers to refer your business
  • Show/Hide Landing page from visibility and SEO
  • Brand Mobile app with colors and fonts that suit the business branding colors.
  • Convert Text testimonial to Image and share it to Social Networks and Image Sharing websites
  • Generate Negative Feedback SMS Alerts
  • Get all the contacts of people who have given reviews as a separate table and an option to download the contact details.

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