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Kerala State Govt. to issue an Ordinance to Regulate the Price of Packaged Drinking Water

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Recently, as per government directives, Kerala Bottled Water Manufacturers Association has decided to sell the Packaged Drinking Water at Rs. 12 per litre from April 2. But, Kerala govt. received many complaints about MRP Violations. Many manufacturers, distributors and vendors are selling Packaged Prinking Water at higher MRP.

On the account of MRP hike, the state’s Food and Civil Supplies Minister, P Thilothaman held a meeting with manufacturers and traders’ organizations to bring down the price. Some of them do not agreed on this decision. Finally, it was decided to bring Packaged Drinking Bottled Water under Essential Commodities Act to regulate a price. And, The Kerala State Govt. also decided to release an ordinance to fix the price of Packaged Drinking Water at Rs 13 per Litre.

The Minister, P Thilothaman, said that, the state govt. will take legal action against MRP violators. Even if, cost has reduced, there will be no compromise on quality of Packaged Drinking Water. The strict actions will be taken against water units those are not maintaining quality standards. The minister also urged people to complain about MRP Violators.

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We got some fantastic positive reviews and we felt we should share them.


Suyog Dalal

“Had a great session and learning experience. Was very insightful specially the one-to-one session in which all remaining doubts (if any) were cleared. The 2 day flagship programme is an open-type session wherein the participants are encouraged to open up their minds and ask questions freely. The speakers are well informed and experienced on the subject and market trends and the course delivered is upto date “

Thank you, Suyog Dalal for the great encouraging words.

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Importance of Designing Proper Plant Layout

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It is very important to design proper packaged drinking water plant layout to minimize overall operating costs and to increase efficiency of work processes. Plant layout varies for each type of plant. If you want to learn more about packaged drinking water plant business, then, join our 2 days LIVE Training Event. In Training, we conduct special session on plant layout with quick live activity.


Latest Study Report: High Uranium Contamination in India’s Groundwater!

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According to an international study, high uranium contamination found in groundwater from aquifers across 16 different states in India. Consumption of highly uranium contaminated water can cause several diseases.

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Alert! Need for Sustainable Groundwater Management in India!

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Researchers from Duke University said that, mainly natural factors are responsible for groundwater contamination but over-exploitation of groundwater and nitrate pollution is worsening the groundwater contamination situation in India.

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Don’t Worry! Researcher says we can overcome from the problem of uranium contamination!

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Mr. Avner Vengosh, a professor of geochemistry and water quality at the Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment, said that, to overcome from this situation, there is need to set up monitoring systems to identify at-risk areas, to find out the different ways to prevent from uranium contamination and to include uranium standard in the Bureau of Indian Standards’ Drinking Water Specification.

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Hyderabad Water Board to Enter into Packaged Drinking Water Business Soon.

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Taking into an account high demand for packaged drinking water, The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) will soon enter into Packaged Drinking Water Business.


Maharashtra Govt. to Use Barcode-Based Model for Packaged Drinking Water Bottles

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The state govt. is now bringing barcode system on packaged drinking water bottles to make buyback scheme more convenient for the consumers. The barcode will be printed on the packaged drinking water bottle with the details of the producers and sellers.

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Want to start a packaged drinking water business, but don’t have a budget?

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Then how to get funding? What are the different Govt. Subsidy Schemes?

Attend our LIVE Training on “Packaged Drinking Water Plant: Idea-To-Actualization” We have special session on Project Funding & Subsidy Details.

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Maharashtra! Barcode System on Packaged Drinking Water Bottles Will Provide Portability Facility To Consumer!

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Barcode system will provide portability facility to consumer. Consumer will be able to buy the product from one retailer and return it to another retailer.

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Preparation for Plastic-Free Era: HMWSSB Planning to Use Paper Water Bottles!

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The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) had decided to launch their own packaged drinking water brand. But, recently, Telangana State Government took a decision to regulate single-use plastic. So, HMWSSB is now planning to use paper water bottles instead of plastic bottles for selling packaged water.

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Bottle or Jar or Pouch?

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Most of the aspirants wanted to start their own Packaged Drinking Water Plant but can’t decide which type of plant to start. Before taking decision, you need to understand the market demand. And, other deciding factors are required investment, power, space and profit margin.

If you want detail information about these factors, join our Live Training cum workshop on “Packaged Drinking water plant: Idea-to- Actualization”.

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Paper Water Bottles: Best Alternative for Plastic Bottles!

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Though, Paper bottles are little costlier, but are best alternative for plastic bottles as they are biodegradable and also good option for single use. A senior HMWSSB official said that, HMWSSB has kept packaged drinking water project on hold. And they are searching for paper bottle manufacturers.

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In-House Lab is Compulsory for Packaged Drinking Water Plant!

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Maintaining health standards of packaged drinking water is the most challenging part of packaged drinking water business as it is directly related to health of human being. Every Packaged drinking water plant must have in-house lab as per BIS for testing quality of water on regular basis.

Would you like to know about How to set up in-house lab as per BIS? What are the different tests on water? Then join our LIVE Training Program!

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Different types of Machineries used in Packaged Drinking Water Plant!

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Choosing the right quality machineries is the key aspect of Packaged Drinking Water Plant business. Types of Machineries used in Packaged Drinking Water Plant are:
• Water Treatment Machines
• Bottle Making Machines
• Bottle Filling & Packing Machines
• Jar Filling & Packing Machines
• Pouch packing Machines


Another Great Review!

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Thank You “Shriram Korde ” for your valuable feedback.

“It was wonderful experience as sessions are really good to understand the Packaged Drinking Water Industry. My all doubts are cleared during the sessions. Specially, the BIS session. It will be really helpful to me for my business planning and execution and project implementation. So thank you so much....”

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The Rising Water ATM Trend in Bengaluru!


In Bengaluru, thousands of households still do not have access to safe drinking water. And, moreover many parts in Benguluru are facing the problem of groundwater depletion. But, now rising Water ATM trend is changing lives of common people.

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Thank You “Hemil Nidhi” For the Great Review. Wish you all the best!

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“Thorough understanding of basic information required to start a new Packaged Drinking Water Plant was provided by Mr. Gothikar. Two days truly well spent and a very healthy discussion conveyed that helped clear my mind. If you are looking to start a Packaged Drinking Water Plant anywhere in India, this place will give you a thorough understanding about the same.”

If you are also interested to know about Packaged Drinking Water Plant business, then attend our Live Training.

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Check out this awesome review! It feels great to receive such a positive feedback !

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Thanks a lot Adarsh Menon for your valuable feedback!
“It is a great team work by Soumitra sir and his team to guide new entrepreneur and to educate them to go for self detailing before you begin business... A detail study and a market survey how to do before you begin mineral water business is a concept what the team guides you... do attend session and gain some business disciplines, detailing, surveys and increase your analysis power before you enter in this business... Good luck to upcoming participants... Thanks! “
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FDA officials sent notices and charged fine to Illegal Packaged Drinking Water Plants in Pune.

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FDA raided on Illegal Packaged Drinking Water Plants in Pune. It is found that, illegal water plants are using 17 litres container in volume and claiming it as a 20 litres. These plants are supplying water in Pune city and getting high profits. FDA officials have sent notices to 3 such illegal water plants and also charged fine to them.


We are getting many great reviews! Here’s one of them


Pushkraj Pawar:

Had really great experience...Thank you so much Mr. Soumitra Sir and Mr. Ajay Sir for sharing your valuable knowledge and experience. After attaining your session, I got not only clear my doubts but also some new ideas about how to set up sustainable water plant. I would recommend this course for those who have bunch of doubt regarding mineral water plant setup...
Thank you.

Thank you and best luck Pushkraj Pawar for all your present and future ventures!!
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According to the draft proposed by FSSAI, all Drinking Water Vending Machines Vendors should have FSSAI license.

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The FSSAI has issued a draft, which proposed amendments that all Drinking Water Vending Machines Vendors should have FSSAI license. The requirement of Certification Mark of BIS will not be applicable for water vending machines and drinking water sold or offered through such vending machines. But, such drinking water shall have to follow parameters specified for Packaged Drinking Water.



FDA Cracked Down on Illegal Packaged Drinking Water Plants in Pune.

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The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) officers cracked down on Illegal Packaged Drinking Water Plants in Pune. There were 12 such illegal water plants which are running from homes in Khadki.


Goa FDA closes Unlicensed Packaged Drinking Water Plant

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Goa FDA raided on packaged drinking water plant running without the license and sealed it on the spot. FDA director, Jyoti Sardesai, said that, in the raid, it is found that, the packaged drinking water plant was operating without mandatory licenses under unhygienic conditions by a non-technical staff.

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Would you like to know about low cost packaged drinking water plant?

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Kindly attend our LIVE Training on “Packaged Drinking water Plant: Idea-to-Actualization”. This training will take you step-by-step through all the details required for starting your own low or medium cost Packaged Drinking Water Plant.

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Do you know about the required licenses for running Packaged Drinking Water Plant?

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If you are interested to know about what are the required licenses for running Packaged Drinking Water Plant and about the procedure to get these licenses? Then kindly attend our LIVE Training cum workshop.

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Shocking! Water Scarcity in Shimla!


As per the reports, Shimla is going through worst water crisis for the first time in its history. Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) is supplying water to residents through tankers once in 3-4 days. The situation has worsened so much that the residents need to lock their water tankers to prevent water theft.

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Shimla water crisis is a Wakeup Call for all States in India!

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The water crisis in Shimla is a wakeup call for all other States in India. Other many parts in India are going through the problem of water shortage. There is a need of urgent action to tackle this problem. According to the experts, water conservation and recharge are the best solution over the water crisis.

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Calculation of total Plant Cost: Important Step before Starting Your Own Packaged Drinking Water Plant.

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If you are interested to start this business, then the most important step is to calculate right plant cost. Plant cost mainly depends upon the type of the plant, but there are many other factors also which are to be considered in the calculation of total plant cost.

Which are those factors? How to calculate total plant cost? For all this answers, attend our LIVE Training Program. We have special session on Calculation of total Plant Cost with Live activity. In this session, you will be trained to calculate your own plant cost.

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Digital Marketing! Important aspect for growth of Packaged Drinking Water Business!

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In Today’s world of digitalization, Digital Marketing is the key for success of business. But knowing digital marketing is not sufficient, it needs to be applied in a right way. To know more about, smart digital marketing techniques to promote and sell your packaged drinking water products online, join our LIVE Training cum workshop on “Packaged Drinking Water Plant: Idea-to-Actualization”.

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Want to become an entrepreneur and start your own Packaged Drinking Water Plant? Join our 2 days LIVE Training Event!

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Packaged Drinking Water Business is booming in India, but competition is very high. So, don’t jump into this business before doing study. Join our 2 days LIVE Training Event and Learn from Experts about How to Start Packaged Drinking Water Plant Business and run successfully in Just 2 Days!
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Attend our LIVE Training cum workshop and learn how to set up and run your own Packaged Drinking Water Plant from Experts. We are also offering you the opportunity to visit the Working Packaged Drinking Water Plant unit! It will help you to better understand the details of plant.

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Why market research is so important for a Packaged Drinking Water Business?

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Every entrepreneur has its own business idea. But, it is very important to know whether the business idea works with target market or not. Proper market research will help you to understand the target market, identify need of consumers, and get information about competitors. So, market research is very important for success of Packaged Drinking Water Business. For expert advice on how to conduct market research for Packaged Drinking Water Business, attend our LIVE Training Program.

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Are you thinking about setting up packaged drinking water plant?

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There are 4 important sections in Packaged Drinking Water Plant:

• Water treatment
• Bottling
• Quality control lab
• Admin

If you are interested to know more about how to set up packaged drinking water plant, then attend our LIVE Training.

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Hyderabad State Govt. Introduces ‘Jalam Jeevam’ Program to Boost Groundwater!

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Declining groundwater levels are growing issue of concern in Hyderabad. So, the Hyderabad state govt. has launched new program, called Jalam Jeevam. This program has been started to encourage people to harvest rainwater. The rainwater harvesting structures will be built on the edge of the roads to recharge groundwater tables.

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