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Improve your reputation using .REVIEW / .REVIEWS Domain

With the Internet Exploding and the www paving way to new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), now any one can have a website with a name that is strong, effective and serves the PURPOSE. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) created gTLDs to give opportunity to allow people to choose websites that are not monotonous (boring .com, .biz, .net domains) or country specific as .in for india, .uk for UK, .us for US etc., These gTLDs are more of concept specific rather than geography specific and .guru is the most famous one.


Benefits .REVIEW(S) Domain

As i mentioned the gTLDs are created specifically to solve a particular PURPOSE. A .REVIEW or .REVIEWS domain will help a business in many ways such as

Trust Creation
Your Customers generally search for your business offerings rather than your business. So building a trust could be created only by a third person's mouth which is effectively display of reviews. If your business website is then having will help you create that trust.
Customer Attention
Normally a website is assumed to showcase the business offerings and contact details and visitors least expect to find reviews or any trust bearing information. Having a .REVIEW(S) domain will first get prospects interested in you. Once they have your attention you can sell better.
SEO Advantage
.REVIEW(S) offer a great SEO Advantage. Do you know having the word review /reviews in your website name/url will give better ranking than your competitors. It is better to have than


How to use .REVIEW(S) Domain

Once you know the benefits of having a .REVIEW(S) domain, the next step is to identify how to use it. If you own a domain, then the following are the various methods of using them.

Launch a website
Get a 1 page website where you can showcase all your reviews. As part of the website you can also showcase your offerings so that the trust deficit is first broken and then a sale is made. Revbay could help you automate this with it's free widgets and collate all your reviews at one place.
Website Redirection
Do you showcase reviews/testimonials on your website? If yes, then you could redirect .REVIEW(S) website to that particular page
Review Website Redirection
If you have good reviews on any specific review websites such as Yelp, Tripadvisor, etc., then you could redirect this website to that page.


Where to Purchase a .REVIEW / .REVIEWS Domain

There are many Domain Registration companies who sell both .REVIEW and .REVIEWS domain. You can purchase them from any of them. Some of them to name are GODADDY, BIGROCK, ENOM, NAME.COM, 1AND1, TRAFFICPULLZ, etc.,



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