Smile Makeovers By Dr Trivikram(Dr Vikram)

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Stunning Smile makeovers in Bangalore. Dr Trivikram (Dr Vikram), an expert cosmetic dentist in Bangalore offers smile makeovers with dental veneers/crowns. Cosmetic dentistry, Smile designing, Smile makeover, Smile Sculpting, Aesthetic Dentistry .All these terms indicate the same treatment options. Smile makeover means sculpting a better smile by changing the alignment, shape, color and texture of your existing teeth with the help of ceramic/porcelain crowns/veneers. Any adult having teeth with gaps, crooked teeth, oversized, small teeth, dark teeth, protruding or fractured teeth is a candidate for smile makeover. This treatment is not a surgery and your teeth can be straightened without braces/orthodontic treatment and can be finished in just 5-7 days.