What is RevbayTM?

What people say Matters? This is true, but how can one find the right information.

RevbayTM is a plethora of features for business and everything we offer revolves around 3 basic activities

  • Testimonials, Reviews and Feedback management
  • Building Brand and Reputation
  • Referral Management Solution

And this is available for Absolutely Anything. Some of the reasons why you would like to look for a review would be as follows

  • For the service you offer
  • For the product you produce
  • For the Event you organize
  • For the Activity you do
  • etc.,

Again as we said it’s absolutely for anything. RevbayTM shall host variety of reviews that any individual or business can manage

How can I create an account?

Registering to RevbayTM is very easy.

  • Step 1: Go to Start Now! Page and fill your details. Be sure you give the name of the profile to which you want to collect reviews.
  • Step 2: Check your email and click on the link in the email
  • Step 3: Setup your account with
    • Details about the profile for the landing page
    • Contact details where people can contact you
    • Feedback Questions that you would like to ask along with their Review
    • Connect your Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) to share the good reviews and build a brand
    • Generate & Integrate widgets on your website to publish good reviews on them
  • Step 4: Start Collecting Reviews.

Can I register using my Social Networking websites?

No. You cannot, we donot allow login via Social Networks because as a business, we would want you to be connected via your business systems rather than your social networks. Even if you are an Individual, we prefer using the Email System as you need to provide various details that are necessary for execution of your account at Revbay. However we provide (and prefer) that your customers write reviews using Social Networks so that you can identify the reach of the person giving you review.

Are there any fees to use this service?

Yes, the system is charged based on the package you select. However you can start from a basic version to try and integrate the system. Unlike other systems since revbay is to benefit your business, we do not add other advertisements or promote other businesses in your landing page. For more details on pricing plans. do contact us.

What is a public profile?

A public profile is the view of your profile visible to others. This is your Landing page on Revbay. Any review shared or displayed outside Revbay system will be linked to this page so that more information about the review or about your business can be found. In this page you can also add more details about your business and contact details. Other than displaying about your business and reviews, we offer visitors to Send an enquiry to you or drop into your website.

Who can give me a review?

You can receive reviews from anyone and for anything. Mostly the person who would be giving you the review will be your customer or a person known to you in any capacity. When they give you review, we request them to authenticate themselves so that people seeing your reviews donot get an impression that it's fake.

Why reviews at RevbayTM are more authentic then other site?

At RevbayTM we do not let user hide their identity while giving reviews to others profiles. This helps the viewer to see the identity of that user.

Can I get a review without registering to the site?

We collect necessary information to authenticate the person writing the review. We do not encourage Anonymous review so that no one can abuse your business.

Can anyone read review without registering to the site?

Of course! Your public profile page is open for all and for some it will be indexed with Search Engines too.

Can I display reviews of my RevbayTM profile on my website?

Certainly, at RevbayTM we allow you to create a script which will help you to display all your selected reviews on your website.

You can customize the script to match you site theme and design.

Can I share reviews to my Social Networks?

Of course! you can connect all your social networks with Revbay and share reviews to them. By default all reviews approved are shared automatically to all the social networks you have connected.

Can I change my email address after registering on Revbay?

Yes, user can change email at any moment. Once user updates the email, he must login using the new email from next time.